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For all girls interested, please read up on Pageantry and do your homework if you want to enter a pageant.

Make sure you attend the workshops and events to get all the relevant information.

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What happened in 2018?


The terms and conditions of a binding agreement between the Contestant, her Parents or Guardians and the Miss Namibia Pageant CC and/or its national directors, organizers of the Miss Teen Namibia pageant, to be held in Namibia and all projects leading up to the final pageant.

1. I as contestant and parents / guardians of this contestant hereby agree and accept that by entering this pageant the following will be applicable:

1.1.Contestants must be born female and between 12 and 18 years of age as on the pageant date;

1.2.Contestants must be single, never married, never pregnant, never a parent, and never had a marriage annulled;

1.3.Contestant stipulates that she is of good moral character, and has never been convicted of a crime;

1.4.Contestant understands that she is required to furnish a copy of her birth certificate if requested by pageant officials.

1.5.Contestant agrees that she has never posed for any photos that would be deemed inappropriate.

1.6.Contestant agrees that all fees paid to Miss Teen Namibia Pageant are non-refundable, under any and all circumstances. Fees will be forfeited should the contestant be unable to compete, and funds collected up to that point will be forfeited. There are NO exceptions to this policy. Further, the contestant is free to withdraw from the pageant at any time, but under no circumstances will you or any sponsor be entitled to a refund, either in full or in part that has been paid. Any funds/items collected up to that point and not paid/handed over, should be paid/handed over with immediate effect on withdrawal.  No exceptions to this rule.

1.7.That false statements on the Contestant’s application and form, failure to perform her obligations hereunder, or any other violation of the terms and conditions set forth, will not only disqualify her from participating in the finals, but shall this infraction occur, that there will be no refund of any fees paid to the pageant or remuneration for financial responsibilities that the Contestant has or will incur.

1.8.To furnish a head-shot and paperwork for pageant production needs. Head-shot to be on a white background.

1.9.The contestant agrees to participate in the Miss Teen Namibia pageant, and all projects leading up to the final pageant

2.I, the contestant and her parents / guardians, agree to the Roles and Responsibilities of the Pageant and will do my utmost best to achieve and fulfill these roles and responsibilities to my best ability:

2.1.Be a Role-Model.  You have become an instant role-model. Always follow the rules and guidelines so that other girls look up to you.    Take that position seriously and always be conscious of your actions.  Have proper etiquette, manners, and be a charming young lady.  Always maintain a good moral character and always look nice and be a good example of a prim and proper lady.

2.2.Look and Act the Part at all times.  You are expected to always look and act respectable when in public, make sure you dressed appropriately, hair and makeup on point and keep the perfect poise.  When wearing your sash you need to look like you stepped out of a vogue magazine and this is applicable to all photo's taken and posted.

2.3.Values & Vision.  You will need to live by the vision and values of our pageant.  Learn them and know them so that you can be a role model. Our pageant is an institution we all need to respect and promoted.

2.4.Goodwill Ambassador.  You need to encourage friendship and sisterhood between you sister contestants, other winners, young girls and all interested in pageantry.  These girls should be your new best friends.  Hold get together's and engage with the girls and help with promoting the pageant.    Plan events together, encourage each other, and work hard together.  You will strive to be a goodwill ambassador to represent your pageant and your country.

2.5.Promote Your Pageant and Sponsors.  You need to promote the Miss Teen Namibia brand and the sponsors.   Help recruit girls to sign-up.  Sponsors help with so much, so treat them well, promote and be available for them.

2.6.Social Media.  Social media can be a huge help in bringing awareness and publicity to you as a contestant.  You will be expected to do regular posts on Facebook and Instagram to promote the pageant and yourself. This is how you get your message across so if you have a platform or charity you support, this is a great way to get attention to your cause as well.

2.7.Community Project.  Find a Purpose.  Many girls will already have a platform/charity/cause/purpose, if you do continue to further this purpose.  Use this platform as a microphone to amplify your passion and bring attention to what you care about.  If you don't have a platform yet, find something that excites you or that you have a personal connection to.  Use this platform to make a difference.

2.8.Appearances.  Start planning appearances.  Whether it is a pageant, charity event, race, community festival, sponsor, etc- anything can be an appearance.  Getting yourself out there in the community is important for a contestant.   Promote your pageant system by appearances, give of yourself to others by volunteering at a local fundraiser, help your sponsors out by assisting at an event of theirs, etc.  Sometimes appearances are given to you- but often, you have to search on your own.  Contact various charity organizations and offer assistance.  Reaching out goes a long way.  By notifying friends and family and people via social media- you can be "recruited" for many events.  Say yes to all of the opportunities that come your way.  You get one year- and it will go by fast- make the most of it. 

2.9.Stick to the rules.   All Miss Teen Namibia Rules and Regulations apply and maybe changed as needed: www.MissTeenNamibia.com.

2.10.Participation.  I agree to participate in the Miss Teen Namibia pageant, and all projects leading up to the final pageant and will at all times be a representative of the Miss Teen Namibia pageant and all the projects and will at all times support and positively protect the pageant and projects online and off line. 

2.11.Contestant agrees to cooperate with the staff, choreographer, producer, and officials of the Pageant.

2.12.Contestant understands that parents/guardians, other family members and friends of contestants must behave in a positive manner at all times.

3.The Contestant and her Parents / Guardians agree that they have to bring the following to the pageant which will be for their own costs:

3.1.One long competition evening gown;

3.2.One interview suit or dress for her personal interview with the judges;

3.3.Smart Casual clothing for rehearsals;

3.4.Outfit for Orientation;

3.5.All shoes and accessories needed for the pageant;

3.6.Expense money to cover incidentals during the pageant;

3.7.All clothing and articles for daily use;

3.8.Money to cover meals and refreshments;

3.9.All pageant outfits and accessories, hair and makeup is for the contestants own costs;

3.10.Contestant agrees to wear appropriate clothing to any event/workshop which is related to or organized by the pageant.

4.The Contestant and her Parents / Guardians agree and understand that all contestants must take part in the Debutant Initiative and the following rules will be adhered to:

4.1.Each Contestant will be responsible to sell at least one table seating 10 persons at the Pink Bash event, the contestants seat will be free of charge, so for the first table, only 9 seats must be sold.

4.2.Each Contestant will raise a minimum of one thousand Namibia Dollars cash as a fund raising initiative which must be paid over to Miss Teen Namibia before the closing date;

4.3.The contestants initiative and plan must be approved by the Miss Teen Namibia staff;

4.4.Under no circumstance may this initiative be used to raise funds for the contestant personally;

4.5.All funds raised under this initiative must be paid over to the applicable and approved entities;

4.6.If the funds are not paid to Miss Teen Namibia before the closing date, the contestant will not be allowed to take part further in the pageant.

4.7.If any of the above is not met, the contestant will be disqualified immediately.

4.8.The winner of the Debutant Initiative will win a prize and be awarded the Miss Debutant title; she will also be an automatic finalist in the pageant.

4.9.No funds, items, products or sponsorship maybe raised under the name or banner of Miss Teen Namibia, without written permission from the organizers of Miss Teen Namibia and all the monies, items must be handed over to Miss Teen Namibia national directors/management.  Contestants may not raise funds under the Miss Teen Namibia name or banner for their own private use. Any fundraising, sponsorships of gifts must be approved by pageant management.

5.The Contestant and her Parents / Guardians agree and understand that from date of entry:

5.1.The contestant agrees to participate in the Miss Teen Namibia pageant, to be held in Windhoek Namibia and all projects leading up to the final pageant.

5.2.All Contestants shall be required to perform a limited number of engagements.   

5.3.All finalist are compelled to attend the final week preparation for the pageant and attend all rehearsals, if all rehearsals are not attended, the contestant will be disqualified;

5.4.All traveling and accommodation for contestants and parents are for the contestants own costs and that if her Parents’ travel to and from the pageant host city is their own cost and responsibility.

5.5.The contestant accepts full responsibility for any medical costs they might incur during the pageant period.

5.6.Contestant understands that the pageant is not responsible for expenses incurred by family members and friends that accompany her to the pageant, and further, that they will not receive special treatment at any of the functions.

5.7.To not incur any debts on behalf of the Miss Namibia Pageants CC / Miss Teen Namibia Pageant.

5.8.Understands that once she has been selected as an official Contestant to the Miss Teen Namibia Pageants she may make personal appearances representing her title, and further, that she must do so only at events that would be deemed appropriate and honorable, and only with the written approval of the pageant and/or the national director.

5.9.The pageant has exclusive rights to changes, which may involve titles awarded by the pageant, scheduling, dates and the format of the pageant or any event related to the pageant.   

5.10.Parents/Guardians and Contestants fully understand that you are responsible for your own possessions while at the pageant. The pageant and its staff are not responsible for any of your personally belongings.

5.11.Contestant understand and agree that contestants will be available to appear on behalf of sponsors as requested.

5.12.No contestant may be allowed to contact any Miss Namibia Pageant CC / Miss Teen Namibia sponsors without written permission from your National Director.

5.13.Contestant agrees to all judging procedures associated with the Miss Teen Namibia Pageant.

5.14.The decision of the Judges are final and no correspondence will be entered into.

5.15.I, together with my parents fully understand that we are not allowed to communicate, talk to or interact with any of the official judges prior to the pageant under any circumstances in any way what so ever.

5.16.I as contestant and we as parents / guardians of this contestant commit myself/ourselves to this pageant, and will not get involved in fighting, disruption or interfere in any program or event in this competition, or make false accusations of any sort to any person.  I understand that if a problem occurs, I am obligated to discuss the problem with the organizers first. 

5.17.That no parent/guardian, sibling, other family members, friend or anyone else other than pageant staff and contestants are permitted in the rehearsal or dressing area at any time. This will be cause for immediate disqualification.

5.18.Contestant agrees that she will take full responsibility for all items, clothing or whatsoever is loaned to her by the pageant staff or any sponsor.  If the item is damaged and not returning in the original state, she will be liable to pay for it. 

5.19.The prizes are as stated and are non-transferable or exchangeable. No cash alternatives will be offered.

5.20.The contestant and family understand that certain prizes are donated from outside sources, and are donated in good faith. Contestant and family fully understand that the pageant and its staff are not liable for prizes that were advertised but are not awarded by any outside sources.

5.21.Understand that if she requires a special diet during the pageant she will be responsible for her own meals at her own cost.

5.22.Contestant understands that she may compete in the pageant again unless she has been named the winner.

5.23.Contestant agrees that immortal behavior, at the discretion of the pageant, shall result in the immediate disqualification, loss and return of all prizes awarded, and the forfeiture of the title. Contestant understands that in such an event she will be responsible for any damages sustained by the pageant.

5.24.My parents/guardians and I understand and agree that I will be disqualified from the competition and relinquish title and prizes if I have been found to become pregnant or marry during my entry year or if I win, during my reign.

5.25.They further acknowledge that neither Miss Namibia Pageant CC, the national director, staff, members or any of its partner institutions delivering training and supplying transport for functions and photographic shoots, will be responsible for any losses, damages or injuries the contestant might suffer/sustain from such activities during the preparation in the pageant period;

5.26.Conny Martiz and the Miss Teen Namibia Pageants has made it clear to our contestants and titleholders there will be a zero-tolerance policy for any illegal behavior, or major violation of the rules and regulations of any candidate seeking the title. We believe our program encourages contestants to be good role models for our youth. We also encourage young ladies to become aware of the issues facing society and to become socially active in promoting causes that matter to them.

6.My parents/guardians and I understand and agree that I will be disqualified from the competition if:

6.1.That I will be disqualified from the competition if I have been found to have partaken in any activities, including my photo or likeness in any way that would be demeaning to the title Miss Teen Namibia. Further, if I have been found drinking alcohol, using illicit drugs, convicted of a misdemeanor or felony. This morals clause also applies to past behavior prior to this competition, which would reflect negatively on the pageant.

6.2.Contestant agrees that the starting of malicious rumors and poor behavior are grounds for immediate dismissal from the pageant with no refund.

6.3.Not adhering to these rules and Regulations in this document could result in disqualification.

7.Should I win this pageant,  I as contestant and we as parents / guardians of this contestant agree that,

7.1.I will abide by all the rules set out by the pageant and I will accept and wear my crown with honor and integrity;

7.2.I agree to be honest, show humility and respect and be a role model and a legacy and represent my country with pride;

7.3.I will become the face and the voice of the pageant, be articulate and well versed in the program’s mission statement and I am willing to sell that program wherever I go. 

7.4.I will, as soon as possible, launch my charity project and support it as much as I can during my reign;

7.5.I accept that I am contractually required to attend and fulfill my responsibilities for the duration of my reign.

7.6.I am responsible for portraying good behavior while performing my duties in sash and crown as well as during down time.

7.7.I agree to stay in good health and maintain the appearance resembling which I was crowned.

7.8.Not adhering to these contractual obligations could result in dethronement  in which case the first runner-up will resume the title of Miss Teen Namibia.

7.9.The winner's parents will sign a one year contract with the organizers.

7.10.I fully understand and agree that if I am the winner of the Miss Teen Namibia Pageant title I will not be permitted to enter another pageant during my reign.

7.11.I fully understand that as the winner of the Miss Teen Namibia, the rules and regulations, including judging criteria may differ at an international pageant, and that I entered the pageant knowing this and shall abide by all judging and scoring categories of competition at international competition.

7.12.I fully agree and understand that if I am currently a titleholder of a local school, town or national title prior to my participation in the Miss Teen Namibia Pageant, in will not be allowed to retain this title should I be crowned, unless the title is a national pageant affiliated with the pageant.

7.13.If I relinquish this position for any reason, all prizes must be returned in full and in the condition received.

7.14.I agree that should I win the title of Miss Teen Namibia that I will participate in the International Pageant.

7.15.Contestant and parents understand that Conny Maritz or the Miss Teen Namibia Pageants cannot be held liable should the international pageant be cancelled, postponed, changes qualification requirements, etc.

8.Social Media, Internet, Press, Media, Photography, Recordings and Copyright

8.1.The Contestant will not post any pictures of herself on Facebook, Instagram or any other social networking websites that would degrade or embarrass the pageant or national director, Conny Maritz, fellow contestants or her parents/guradians. If asked to remove certain content from any social networking website she will do so immediately without questions. She also understands that she is a representative of young ladies throughout Namibia and will behave and carry herself with the utmost respect as a young woman in this position should. She also understands that she is a minor and as a contestant or future titleholder she will not participate in any illegal behavior during this pageant.  Any breach of this will result in immediate disqualification.

8.2.The contestant does not have the right to make any press/information releases what so ever without the written consent and approval of said press/information release by the organizers before publishing.

8.3.Miss Teen Namibia Pageant and its sponsors and directors have the exclusive rights to use your image, photographs or film of contestants for publicity, advertising, promotional materials, website and related purposes, and further agree that there is no remuneration payable to the contestant for such photos.

8.4.I fully understand that Conny Maritz, Miss Teen Namibia Pageant have the copyright and are sole owners of all official photographs and videography taken of the contestants and pageant.

8.5.The Contestant agrees that all photos sent in by the Contestant and all photo’s taken at any of the Miss Teen Namibia events and projects may be posted on social media, internet and printed for the use of Miss Teen Namibia events or projects.  All photos and paperwork submitted to Miss Teen Namibia Pageant become the property of Miss Teen Namibia pageant and are not returned.

9.I as contestant and parents / guardians of this contestant have read, understand and commit myself/ourselves to all the terms and conditions and rules and regulations of this pageant and further declare that I fully understand the content and implications thereof.

9.1.Conny Martiz and the Miss Teen Namibia Pageants has made it clear to contestants there will be a zero-tolerance policy for any illegal behavior, or major violation of the rules and regulations of any candidate seeking the title. We believe our program encourages contestants to be good role models for our youth.

9.2.Non Disclosure Agreement; I understand that I will keep information confidential.  The Confidential Information to be disclosed can be described as and includes:

9.2.1.Information relating to pageant planning and ideas, events and inventions, manuals, presentations, lectures & workshops, products and services, research and development, production, costs, profit and margin information, finances of any kind, marketing, sponsors, contestants, regardless of whether such information is designated as “Confidential Information” at the time of its disclosure. Any correspondence from an official of The Pageant is deemed to be official correspondence, verbal, written or digital and is deemed confidential unless otherwise stated.

9.2.2.Furthermore anything discussed between the contestant and any staff / employees of The Pageant, any sponsors and consultants including emails, private messaging, SMS's or Whattsapp or any form of private communication may not be disclosed to any person or business without prior written permission from The Pageant. 

9.3.No disparagement. We all agree never to disparage the other, post negative reviews or comments about each other on any public forums including any media or social media.  Furthermore, we agree not to:  Say negative things about the other in public; Create negative publicity about each other; Perform any public action aimed at damaging the other's or The Pageants reputation.

9.4.Not adhering to these rules and Regulations in this document could result in disqualification.

9.5.I hereby fully revoke any rights to institute civil action, which I might have or acquire during this period against Miss Namibia Pageant CC and accept full responsibility for my personal safety and property for the duration of the pageant.

9.6.Contestants and parents may not start or participate in any Crimen Injuria Act against the organizers, sponsors, presenters, employees or any organization or individual involved in this Pageant.

9.7.Contestant agrees that any dispute arising or relating to participation or the obligation of the Contestant and the pageant stipulated herein, shall be settled in accordance with the Namibia Law, and the Namibian Courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction over such disputes.

9.8.We understand that this is a voluntary, deliberate, and legally binding agreement between the Contestant, her parents/guardian and Miss Teen Namibia Pageants CC and will abide by these rules.

Defined terms used in these terms and conditions:

MTNPMiss Teen Namibia / Miss Namibia Pageants CC

DirectorNational Director, Conny Maritz

The PageantMiss Teen Namibia Pageant

Contestant / EntrantContestant / Parents/Guardians

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