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Attention teens of Namibia! The Miss Teen Namibia competition is now open for applications! Don’t miss this chance to showcase your talent and beauty. Apply now to be a part of this amazing opportunity!

Step 1: Contestant Information

Step 2: Parent(s) / Guardian(s) Details

Step 3: Measurements

Step 4: Pageant Information

Step 5: Uploads

See terms and conditions regarding the entry fee payment.
Please submit a clear headshot and full body photo (no SnapChat filters, etc.). Photos must be at least 1000x1000 pixels, under 10MB in file size, and in either JPEG, PNG or GIF format. Photo is used for application purposes only. The introductory video should be under 10MB in file size.

Step 6: Confirmation

As contestant, please confirm each statement below is true by checking the boxes
As parent or legal guardian, please confirm statement below is true by checking the boxes

Any queries or need for additional information can be sent to email: or phone us on tel: (061) 261 3134 / 3324

  1. I am not younger than 15 or older than 19 by 20 January 2024;
  2. I am a Namibian Citizen with a valid Namibian ID or Passport;
  3. I am at least 1.58m tall;
  4. I am not married and never have had a marriage annulled;
  5. I am not engaged;
  6. I have never given birth to a child, am not a parent, have never been pregnant and will not be pregnant at the time of the pageant;
  7. I am born as female;
  8. I do not have any visible tattoos;
  9. I am of good moral character and do not have any criminal record;
  10. I am responsible for my own possessions while at the pageant. The pageant and its staff are not responsible for any of my personal belongings;
  11. I will be honest, show humility and respect and also be a role model and a legacy with pride;
  12. I hereby agree that the information provided is true and accurate;
  13. I hereby agree to the time of submission of the application;
  14. I hereby agree to be bound by the terms and conditions stated in the eligibility criteria;
  15. I hereby agree that I would like to enter the Miss Teen Namibia 2023 Pageant;
  16. I hereby agree to be “truthful in respect of all matters in relation to the run-up to the pageant, the pageant itself and the period of the pageant”. Any “false information” will lead to immediate disqualification.
  17. I commit myself to the rules of this pageant and will not get involved in fighting, disruption or interfere in any program or event in this competition or make false accusations/statements of any sort to any person;
  18. I understand that if I have a problem, I will discuss the problem with the organizers first;
  19. Should I win this pageant, I as contestant and we as parents/guardians of this contestant, agree to abide by all the rules set out by the pageant and I will accept and wear the crown with honor and integrity;
  20. I have read, understood and commit myself to all the rules and regulations of this pageant set out in the Terms and Conditions and further declare that I fully understand the content and implications thereof;
  21. I hereby fully revoke any rights to institute civil action, which I might have or acquire during this period against Miss Namibia Pageant CC, staff or anyone associated and accept full responsibility of my personal safety and property for the duration of the pageant.
  22. All contestants MUST take part in the Miss Debutante Initiative and will adhere to all the rules and conditions;
  23. All contestants shall be required to perform a limited number of engagements;
  24. All pageant outfits, accessories, hair, make-up, meals, traveling and accommodation are for the contestant’s own costs. Cooperate with pageant staff, choreographer, producer and officials of the Pageant and treat everyone equally with respect;
  25. All fees paid to Miss Teen Namibia Pageant are non-refundable, under any and all circumstances. Fees will be forfeited should the selected contestant be unable to compete and all funds collected up to that point will be forfeited. Further, you are free to withdraw from the pageant at any time, but under no circumstances will you or a sponsor be entitled to a refund, either in full or in part;
  26. The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Entry fee for the pageant, introduction video & photos.

EFT entry fee payment of N$400 to:

Name: Miss Teen Namibia
Bank: First National Bank (FNB)
Branch code: 282 672
Account No.: 622 5904 8009
Ref: Name of contestant

Photos to be included:

Video instructions:

Video specifications:

Examples of good head shots and full body photos for contestants: Remember that your photos make the first impressions with the selection committee and need to be clear, beautiful and memorable.