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Published July 14, 2023
Jameela |Uiras, a 23-year-old fashion model and marketing strategist, was crowned as Miss Namibia 2023 during a glamorous event which…

Jameela |Uiras, a 23-year-old fashion model and marketing strategist, was crowned as Miss Namibia 2023 during a glamorous event which took place at Swakopmund MTC Dome on Saturday evening. She was born in Windhoek and spent her early years in Swakopmund. She completed high school in 2018 at Khomas High School. Opting for a career in marketing.

In previous years, she also took part in Miss Westside High and The 31st Miss Model of the World 2019 beauty contest which made her to participate in Miss Namibia 2023. Apart from being a pageant queen, sports take up most of her time, particularly netball that played a pivotal role in her life growing up.
She expressed that: “Miss Namibia provided the perfect platform for me to grow and step outside my comfort zone. In order to effectively inspire and impact others, where I needed to conquer the anxiety and develop the confidence to address a crowd. My journey as the reigning Miss Namibia has just begun, and it’s filled with exciting changes. With my new title, I have shouldered greater responsibilities, but the experience is incredibly rewarding and enjoyable. The organization behind Miss Namibia has been incredibly supportive, showering us with an overwhelming amount of care and attention.”

Her primary focus is to empower the youth and inspire individuals to utilize their lives for the greater good of society by taking action on issues they consider important. However, she strongly believes that her duty extends beyond advocacy.

Five short facts
Jameela |Uiras

  1. When I’m not strutting on the runway you can find me spinning disks as a skilled jockey or energetically playing netball.
  2. I occasionally dabble in the graceful art of playing piano or the sophisticated sport of golf.
  3. Music has always been a big part of my life so I currently work for 2 record labels.
  4. Despite being allergic to avocados and cantaloupe I still insist on eating them and I love snacking on apples with barbecue spice.
  5. I have always been about the farm life so I grew up riding horses

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