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Published October 6, 2023
NAMIBIA'S Miss World 2023 representative, Leonè Van Jaarsveld, unveiled her national costume, "Lady Pangolin," in a heartfelt event at Droombos.

NAMIBIA’S Miss World 2023 representative, Leonè Van Jaarsveld, unveiled her national costume, “Lady Pangolin,” in a heartfelt event at Droombos. This masterpiece, designed by Petrus Laubscher, pays homage to Namibia’s beauty and raises awareness about the endangered pangolin, featuring a palette of golden browns and turquoise mirroring the nation’s landscapes.

The costume, adorned with semi-precious gemstones and inspired by Namibia’s landscapes, serves as a heartfelt plea for pangolin conservation. At the revela, Van Jaarsvel stated: “It’s not just fashion, it’s a call to protect these unique creatures from ruthless poaching.”

In a heartwarming gesture, Stergiadis Leather Productions and Jewelry Creations pledged to donate half of the proceeds from Miss World Namibia 2023 Pageant Jewelry sales to charity. As Namibia shines on the global stage at the upcoming Miss World 2023 competition in New Delhi, this costume stands as a powerful reminder that we must unite to protect our planet’s precious wildlife.

Beyond its beauty, “Lady Pangolin” carries a profound message of a collective responsibility to safeguard the biodiversity that makes our world extraordinary. Through fashion and philanthropy, Namibia’s representation in the pageant becomes a beacon of hope for the conservation of our natural heritage.

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